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We don't like to describe our photography service in terms of 'wedding packages' as the word 'package' sometimes gives the impression of conformity when in reality no two weddings are the same. The service we provide is always tailored to the individual requirements of each couple. However you do need to know how much your wedding will cost so we do have a couple of pricing packages to choose from. These we have found cover most requirements, but that does not stop you designing your own. From our point of view it's your wedding day so we'll ensure that our photography provides exactly what you need. Just advise Alec of any special photographs that you would like and leave the rest to him. He will always ensure that you have more than enough images to cover your day and as an experienced wedding photographer has an eye for the informal and candid shots that capture the moment in addition to any pre-planned or traditional photographs.

We fit the photography around your wedding day making it as relaxed and unobtrusive as possible. We are respectful to your guests, we want them to enjoy your wedding just as much as you do and can adapt the photography to allow for changeable weather or guests with special requirements.

No matter how large or small, formal or informal your wedding you can be assured of our constant professionalism and attention to detail not only on the day, but also in the preparation of your images afterwards. Yours will be the only wedding we photograph on your wedding day so even if the weather is unhelpful or timescales don't go quite to plan we can, at a moment's notice, change our schedule to fit smoothly around the situation. Every couple want things to go without a hitch so that they can enjoy their day without worrying about the detail. That's why it's so important to employ a truly professional and experienced photographer. It's not just about producing superb images, it's also about how the photographer handles the wedding.

After the wedding we'll set up your own private web page on our site allowing you and your guests to view a slide show of your wedding photographs, and also to see how your wedding or story book may look. There's no extra charge for this and your web page will be available to view for a period of at least 12 months.

Every book is individually designed for each couple, we don't use standard templates. We'll lay out your book as to how we think you will get the best out of your photographs and then it's up to you to make whatever changes you wish. You're involved in the design process and, as long as they are of suitable size and quality and copyright free, we're not adverse to you including some of your own images too, say of your honeymoon.

A lot of work goes into producing our story books both in terms of the photography on the day of the wedding and in the design process afterwards. They are not just a record, they incorporate the flavour and feeling of the day too, right down to encompassing your wedding colour theme into the design if you wish.

The images in your Story book will be produced in colour, black & white, tints, and spot colours, and you have a choice of page materials. Panoramic images (covering a spread of two pages) can be used where appropriate as well as background images and text. Your book will be designed specially for you, and with you, so you have a choice as to how it looks. We can also photograph/scan orders of service or invitations and include them too.

Story book covers are available in a huge range including leather, silk and various contemporary finishes. There's a range of presentation cases, sleeves and boxes too.

Parent books are also available and one of our price packages includes a couple of them. Parent books are smaller versions of the story book and contain the same number of pages and images. They have a printed hard cover designed specially for you. Pages in our parent books are available in a number of finishes and the books themselves in several sizes. Additional books can be purchased if required.

We also produce pocket books. These are smaller A6 sized versions of the story book but with a softbacked cover. They're great for giving to bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents and special guests, or just for carrying in your bag or pocket to show to your friends and work colleagues. They are made in sets of 8 and you can order additional sets if you wish.

For full details and price list please contact Alec.
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